Welcome to Sweetnut Design

Hello and welcome! Sweetnut Design is the creative alias of Lina Hayek. I am an international multidisciplinary Design Consultant with over a decade of London and international market exposure working in agency and client side, B2B and B2C environments, start-up and charity circuits. I possess a varied skill set which I have acquired while working in the fields of Advertising, Branding, Communication, Digital Design, Innovation, Information Technology, Interaction Design, Marketing, Psychology, Service Design and User Experience Design in which I help organisations transform themselves via my holistic business approach and advocation for human (kind) centred design.

Here’s a list of what I can do for you


Coaching in Design Thinking, Customer Experience and Service Design for individual, group and team training. Facilitating and running focus groups, conducting user surveys, testing and interviews.

Brand Marketing

Experience with localising and globalising campaigns while providing brand oversight, guidance and visual communication to ensure effective communication for online and offline experiences.

Digital Design

Rapidly produce multiple design concepts and interactions for web and mobile apps. Developing assets such as  information architecture, site mapping, personas, user flows and wireframing.

Print Design

Multilingual typesetting, indoor and outdoor advertising, desk top publishing, corporate communication such as reports, fact-sheets, brochures and business cards.

Spatial Design

Retail and spatial design including product packaging, visual merchandising, exhibition graphics, signage creating seamless in-person and digital experiences of products and services.


Illustration, custom graphic creation, logo design, character design, visualising data, infographics, photo compositing and editing.

The accounts I have worked on include