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    Tsonga expliquait hier qu’il préférait affronter le russe car il pouvait lui imposer son rythme. Je pense que le russe est intrasèquement meilleur que Tsonga sur terre, notamment dans les glissades et le déplacement en général, mais il ne m’a pas l’air dans une forme éblouissante. Tsonga devrait passer.

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    2010å¹´10月16日上午10:18 匿名:我唔可以話你的觀念有錯,事實上我一向認同要抗議中共及民建聯,但問題係現在的所謂「名字叫民主的黨」已嚴重變質,即使不談追擊,也不能讓其變質惡化,想象一下,民主黨變成「半親財團 / 親共和諧」,民建聯和親中商界、功能組別也會變本加厲出賣港人利益,民主黨本來也是為民請命,但現在的民主黨已今非昔比,香港人是時候認真思考還應否信任這個黨。至於追擊民主黨可否為自己爭人格,老實講,我頗不以為然,我會認為無須太深究什麼「爭人格」,這些很遙遙和抽象的事,各人自有解讀,退一千步想想,其實追擊民建聯也某程度上「未必完全確保因此而爭取人格」,對嗎?那麼反對中共霸權其實也「未有實質證據可充份證明可換來人格」,如果每件事都用很抽象的概念而為,可以說很多事都不用做,也無須考究對與錯。

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    Hi Joseph,Would like to share about our weekly meditation mixers called “Happier Hour” every Tuesday. 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm at 10303 Northwest Fwy, Ste 100, Houston 77092. This is part of a city wide initiative to empower Houstonians to do more of what they love in life by recharging their bodies and minds through breathing practices and meditation.Organic Juices and hors d’oevres follow.Aurva

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    TBS,I don't know if it's just escape for the sake of novelty, or escape to avoid growing upI like green tech, just not the compulsory flavors or the useless stuff built for grant money, etcanonymous, it's not that the American association with Hindu context is negative, it's more that words are taken and stripped of their context.For example Tycoon is taken from the Japanese, but has little in common with it. Words like okay or thug are used with no context either. Most cultures do this when they pick up words and concepts they have no context for.

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    I am the “ma’am,” La Leche League Leader”With all respect, ma’am, who is going to pay for that woman to teach the underachievers while she nurses her baby in the sling? That’s money being taken out of her husband’s paycheck.”Because, think about it. Our disgenic welfare policies actually are taking the paychecks from the men and giving the money to the lowest IQ women to have babies, and the children are not even related to the husband.If Caucasians are to breed enough to survive, we’ve got to figure ways of triangulating around Obama’s wealth-transferrance from productive men to unrelated, low IQ women. Pardon the double post

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    In the comments area of each video, the "remove" link is located right below the "reply" link. I have accidentally deleted a couple of good comments. Would it be possible to place them all in a single line again? Thanks for reading, and thanks for the youtube service!

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    Ay mancera! “los disturbios” en los que se manifestaban e intentaban detener la usurpación nuevamente de un pelele es para encarcelar al pueblo que te llevó a la jefatura de gobierno pero si te entrevistas a puerta cerrada con el enano EPNdejo, dejaras de ser parte de la escoria de los chuchos, solo recuerda mancera, el pueblo nunca olvida, ya lo verás en les elecciones del 2015, MORENA le quitará al prd la ciudad, ya lo verás, ya lo verás…. Mientras los verdaderos delincuentes asalta personas pavoneandose alegremente…

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    Oh Mary! I have been having such fun with meatballs lately. It seems that everywhere I turn I'm finding a different 'take' … yours are another for us to try … these seem very much like Swedish meatballs, but without a dairy touch at the last … anyway they look divine (and I use that term rarely!)… another wonderful recipe!

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    Wow, Linda, this is so beautiful. Their spirits shine through you… your words always inspire me to live life to the fullest and keep the memory of a remarkable foursome close to my heart. Shayne appreciates hearing more about Luke and we both miss his smiling face more than words can say. Wishing you comfort, love and peace as always. And keep looking to the sky! I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are messages in the clouds!! Love, Michele

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    Seriously? It’s ignorant people like yourself that shout what ever insults they want at someone they don’t know just because they’re sitting comfortably in the safety of their own room with no thought to the consequences of their actions that piss me off. I guarantee your no angel, so where the hell do you get off calling someone you don’t know a ‘sick fuck’ & telling them to end their own life?Go troll somewhere else!

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    It's interesting the series has been getting so much buzz lately. I picked up the first few issues, but have to admit, I didn't quite "get it". Hopefully there will be a collected edition (Phone Book?) coming out some day.

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    Bonjour Darth,Merci pour ce test très intéressant ! Quand tu parles de « doubleur », peux-tu indiquer quel(s) convertisseur(s) exactement tu utilises ?Je me tâte à acheter ce sigma pour remplacer mon AFS 300mm F/4… mais je vais ptet attendre ton test comparatif s’il est toujours prévu.Yannick

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    a person is presumed innocent and has a right to a trial. There’s not an “unless the client or his or her attorney Knows that they are actually guilty” exception.Some would say that it’s unethical because it wastes judicial resources on a foregone conclusion. To that I say: then hire more judges and build more courtrooms. An attorney should not sacrifice his or her client’s constitutional rights on the altar of the state’s budget.(NB: I’m speaking about US law. I don’t know what the rules are in the UK.)

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    Prends le temps de réfléchir pour le MdP, jusqu'au dernier moment ! Ca serait dommage de regretter un choix un peu pris sur le vif. Cependant, inutile de t'acharner à vouloir prendre le départ si le corps dit non. Tu serai sans doute encore plus malheureuse si tu n'allais pas jusqu'au bout et ta/tes blessures pourraient s'aggraver.C'est difficile, je suis passé par ce stade là et je comprends que tu sois un peu "désorientée".Courage !

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    The elasticity the IMF is referring to is economy wide, not individual, so Jevon's Paradox comes into play it would seem to me.So while higher prices may cause more efficient individual use, the entire economy will continue to consume very nearly the same amount as before despite price increases.That's the take away from their stats for me; although I have some questions as to how they're measuring things (as always when it comes to stats, What and How you measure can hide a lot of bias).

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    Querido Pe-jota, el mismo fragmento inicial en español: «Me retiré de la partida al descubrir las primeras canas alrededor de mis pezones. Acabé de abotonarme la camisa, le di la espalda al espejo y salí de la habitación. El amasijo de cuerpos desnudos tiritaba sobre la cama. Sólo una mano abierta me pidió, en silencio, volver con ellos, pero el gesto se fundió enseguida en aquel tumulto de carne.»

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    OK i am a conservative republician and i dont even believe in global warmin. Mother nature is doing 98% of global warming and we are doing the other 2% so all those freaks that say that we caused global warming are wrong, i believe that we should do things like recycle but dont go to crazy, and they say that were running out of oil, well we still have enough oil for the next 100,000 years.

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    Meidän poika, 3 v, katseli ihmellen kaupan karkkihyllyä ja kysyi, että isi, mitä noi on? Elintarvikkeita, kuului vastaus.Vielä on tultu toimeen ruisleivällä ja maidolla. Saas nähdä, koska poika keksii karkkien olemassaolon. Spartalaisittain kasvattaa P.

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    Wow – a lot of anger. I think, from the sound of this post, you need to treat yourself to 3 drunken days at blogher. I know you say you’re not much of a drinker. Sometimes … sometimes a person just needs to let loose though. I think you’re overdue. Also? I think men have a harder time with change than women. Even when change is necessary or positive. At least that’s been my observation.

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    Våra vänner som har bakåtdragen pulpit kommer nu att svetsa på något handtag på den då de helt enkelt inte kommer ombord på ett säkert sätt utan något att ta tag i. De har en Elan 340 så ni kan kolla på bilder av den hur deras ser ut. De har satt på ett peke så det är väldigt långt in till pulpiten.Cia

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    Grazie per aver ricordato il disastro del Challenger.Un grazie speciale a matteo mazzoni e cattivoreplicante per le notizie sul brano di jarre.Anche io appassionato della musica di jean michel jarre, associo molto quella musica solenne e malinconica e quel triste 22 gennaio 1986.

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    To me, it has become clear that web conferencing has helped businesses be more successful whether it means enabling them to reach a global audience, or helping them to reduce their communications and travel expenses. Successes in web conferencing are evident across the entire spectrum of business, from SOHO and small business users, to enterprise users; and across every industry from education, to manufacturing and finance. I keep seeing press releases from companies that have adopted this technology.

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    Lack of trust is the hardest thing to deal with in a relationship. Find the courage to have a conversation with him that is honest and real and face it knowing that he may say that he is.the worst part is not knowing. ask him and talk to him…as calm as you can to try to get to the truth. have the courage to take whatever it may be. if he is, then walk away and heal. If he is not, rejoin the relationship and enjoy it. Don’t live in limbo or insecurity hell. Face your demons and move on.

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    Tuo sosiaaliantropologilinkki johtaa amerikkalaiseen blogiin jossa kerrotaan englanniksi norjalaislehden artikkelista. En epäile tai kiistä, että joku oikeasti on lausunut niin, mutta tarkempi lähde voisi olla paikallaan. Tuosta tulee vähän urbaanihuhun vaikutelma.

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    ….ach meine liebe. als ich ganz viel abgenommen hatte, war plötzlich der neid da. für die männer war ich /wieder/ ein objekt der begierde und für die freundinnen (!) einfach eine konkurrenz. basta.ich litt darunter und filterte meinen freundeskreis durch. ein paar landeten im abfall. ich habe sie nicht vermisst. kopf hoch. du bist cool und sexy 🙂

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    BULLHEAD should probably fall under the “feels more like a 2011 film” heading, since that’s when it qualified for an Oscar nomination.So far, haven’t seen much in 2012, but I if I could piggyback off your list:TOP TEN CONTENDERS * The GreyGOOD (BUT FEELS LIKE 2011) * Monsieur Lazhar * A SeparationWORST * Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (> this will win!) * John Carter

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    Ого! Даже до рукоприкладства доходит?… Жесть! ((Никогда не считала эту школу образцовой,даже наоборот – так себе школа,хотя,несмотря на это,тут работают некоторые весьма достойные уважения педагоги… Это хоть утешает… ))

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    . You are wonderful and honest and true….just what this country needs. I wish a person didn’t need a lot of money to run for office. I know that sounds naive and ridiculous, but I think if that were so we’d have good choices and much harder decisions to make when we vote. The choices in my opinion have always been awful….I have to choose who would do the least amount of damage, and that just HAS to STOP!!!!!!!!! I’m fed up but I always vote because I love my country and it matters. God Bless You The South!!

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    I have a couple of bank cards – a visa and mastercard debit type card. Is that what you used, or you got your card as strictly a credit card in TH? I don’t want to buy from a Thai site, I’d rather go straight through Amazon.Thanks for the info – we’ll try using our Visa debit card and see if it works.

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    Robyn – thanks for the tip about word verification. WordPress doesn’t have that feature – but I did find that I could turn off comments after a certain time. Most of the spam is on posts from long ago. Maybe that will help some. Yes losing my tumblr blog made me so sad. Since moving to this new house, my dreams are much more vivid and I find I am able to remember them more easily. Must be the mountains!xxoo

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    Okay, so I went and searched up some of the “original” candle cove episodes, and when got to the screaming episode, and watched it for the first time, i was the most disturbed i had ever been. (Shaking, sweating, and paranoid, the whole macaroon) But when I pulled it up a second time to show my friend, all i got was static. Jesus God it scared me. Could somebody PLEASE explain what happened?? Am I the only one who has experienced this? :T it’s freaking me out, man!VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

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    grand… !!!.. I have one thought.. knowledge is probably a quantum event .. not a continuous one.. so.. big leaps in ‘knowing will happen at certain experiences.. like experimenting… the present school system.. shuns this aspect.. and rote … continuous method leads to just…. u know what..  If learning is experience oriented .. just like it used to be in ancient times… then knowledge will be the target and way.. both. sadhana and sadhya.. ! just like old times..

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    i was the exact same way. but i recommend this because if the droid incredible is so incredible it’d have more memory and standby time than the motorola droid. this has 270 hours standby time i think. you’d have to go on verizon website and look at the specifications of each phone. but the incredible has like 140 hours standby time. so WAY short battery life. It cracks easily especially the screen. the motorola has 16gb memory incredible has 8gb. i’m getting this motorola. u shud 2.

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    Barcelona! Fabulous beaches, glorious countryside and inspiring, unique architecture are the backdrop to an exciting, clean, friendly, beautiful city. Not so far away is Spain’s biggest theme park (not my sort of thing) and most especially, the heaven on earth, Montserrat. A more spectacular and deeply spiritual place is hard to find.

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    Obrigado pelos vossos comentários ao trabalho da NetCom2.Como foi bem referido pelo Nuno, o livro, não terá o dinamismo de uma aventura de acção, nem seria isso que os seus autores pretendiam, mas também não deixa de prender o leitor.Para mais acção teremos, igualmente a partir do dia 18, o Osíris, da série Keos, da dupla Jacques Martin / Jean Pleyers.Estamos à vossa disposição, para quaisquer dúvidas, questões, etc!

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    Ca fait des années que je signe des pétitions de toutes sortes pour que cesse ceci ou cela, mais jusqu’à maintenant j’ai l’impression qu’ils s’en foutent. Je peux me tromper, mais je ne crois pas. Des exemples comme celui-ci il y en a des tonnes. Vous êtes sur Terre face à des gens civilisés, ne l’oubliez pas…

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    I’ve now got a Google t-shirt (”I’m feeling lucky” is on the back), Google pens and a Google card.  I was wondering what other Google items exist because Darren over at Problogger recently showed a picture of the Adsense Christmas gift that went out to some of the biggest publishers and then I found…. Google Store which I never knew existed.  You can now brand everything – from baby’s first clothing to dog’s leashes – with Google.

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    What a great post! I love how power-full and empowering it felt. I felt as I read it that if one was to give energy, attention and focus as gia recommends and do the meditation with great intent and clarity, there would absolutely in fact be a manifestation! As in all things, it’s important to be clear and careful what you ask for (and how you ask for it), because you will get it. What a wonderful reminder. Many great thanks gia!

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    Entonces debe encantar enormemente entrar a tu casa :)A mi me encantan la vainilla y la canela para la casa, el baño, mi ropa, crema corporal para después de la ducha…Sin embargo y gracias a mi padre, el aroma de Lavanda (él lleva TODA la vida siendo fiel a esa fragancia) me encanta también para según qué cosas.Como perfume, cualquiera que no sea muy pesado o empalagoso y pueda compaginarse con muy diferentes ocasiones…y suelo serle fielBesos, feliz finde

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    .César, la Transición española es un modelo admirado por todos los constitucionalistas del mundo y puesta como ejemplo impecable de la madurez de un pueblo. La constitución fue refrendada por más del 80% del pueblo español en unas elecciones puramente democráticas. Los que no admiten y critican la Constitución de 1978 y este proceso ejemplar, no son demócratas. La prueba evidente la tenemos en los nuevos diputados que han puesto pegas y coletillas a su juramento.Me gusta o disgusta: 0  0

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    Just to make sure, I checked Amnesty’s report about Israel, as well as ACRI’s (Association for Civil Rights in Israel). Couldn’t find anything about what you mentioned when it comes to Israel. Issues are almost exclusively with the Occupied Territories, plus references to politicians attempting to change the legal state of various things within Israel.

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    Uhm… in quale decennio il 60% degli albanesi era composto da contadini colcosiani? E quanto agli altri, erano tutti cittadini o c’erano forme diverse, meno diffuse, di gestione dei fondi agricoli?Magari sono domande banali ma non so niente al riguardo. Purtroppo non è un argomento molto approfondito nelle scuole italiche. E dire che eravate una provincia del nostro glorioso Impero, neanche troppo tempo fa.Z.

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    A little off topic, but pacific islanders are interesting people. I worked with this guy once who was from Tonga. Giant fellow, but sweet and gentle as they come, softspoken. He was very proud of his heritage, and told anyone who asked, “We are known as the nightmare of the Pacific.”

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    Já tinha visto a publicidade de insolvência há cerca de 1 mês ou 2. Infelizmente, mais de 95% das empresas que entram em processo de insolvência já não têm recuperação possível (embora muitos teóricos ainda queiram acreditar no contrário).Também tenho muita pena…

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    THIS. I despise hearing Mittens and others on the campaign trail constantly asking “are you better off then you were 4 years ago?” with the obvious implication that clearly things are much worse.They’re not, fucktards. Things are better. Sure, the economy hasn’t recovered to say, the Clinton era, but it’s way fucking better than it was in 2008. Anyone with a brain can see that even if the recovery has been shitty and too slow, it’s still a recovery.

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    Well, this doesn’t really answer your plea for CDs, but your comment about “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” reminded me of the stunning and simple performance of this song at the end of the documentary “New York Doll,” about the conversion of rocker Arthur “Killer” Kane to the church. I doubt their version is available online or on CD, but if you like that particular song, check out that performance. I was really affected by its sincerity and grit.

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    Gente o seguinte…não existe segredo pra beijar. É só juntar os lábios e colocar a língua na boca do(a) parceiro(a)! Depois é só acompanhar o que ele(a) fazer….mais não se esqueça “engolir a saliva antes do beijo nunca é demais” vai ver que não tem bicho de 7 cabeças… Beijos a todos e boa sorte…

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    compréhension du NN se fait souvent tard dans le vécu, parfois jamais. Dans mon cas, j’ai toujours rêvé de finir ma vie dans une grande bâtisse, pleine de chambres, avec les amies avec lesquelles j’ai appris l’astro il y a 30 ans … Nous en parlions souvent entre nous, chacune ayant sa responsabilité, l’une s’occupant du potager, une autre des courses, une autre de la cuisine, etc …J’ai un NS en Verseau, maison 11 !!!!!! Quand on me parlait de mon NN en Lion et en maison 5, je ne le comprenais pas …. Et ne pouvais pas imaginer une minute de m’exprimer avec créativité, et de développer l’ambition de réussir … seule !

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    We bought a 5 bedroom/3 bath (our square footage is less) house when we moved for the same reasons you have. BUT I agree, bigger is not better. I grew up in 1200 square feet and it only seemed small once we were in college…thebathrooms were a problem. My friends just bought a ginormous house. It is LOVELY but you never see the kids and there is a pool house for the kids to hang out in and a teen room. It is to much for me.I just want some closets and a barn to house my thrifting wares. I am checking out that book!

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    沒法認同「元宵」是「湯丸」çš„「正式名稱」,因為兩個名字意思不同,也流行於不同的地區,根本是地方方言的問題。 坦白講,我只能接受正月十五晚上吃的湯丸叫「元宵」。難道你說廣式婚慶習俗裏面新人「上頭」後吃的湯丸也要改稱「元宵」å—Ž?別說笑了!元宵吃元宵沒問題,其他時候吃的,根本就不該叫元宵!  普通話由於以北方方言為基礎,少說「匙」(這個字倒見於「鑰匙」一詞),用了「勺子」來代替,所以兩個詞語都不多見於近代的書面語裏,只是我一輩子沒有聽過人說「羹匙」,說匙羹的就差不多每個說廣東話的都這麼說……    

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    TH Heavy's support is around 42-44 cts level.A break below 40cts and it will be on the way to the cleaners.This is a speculative play.My best guess if it is still hanging tough around 50cts,the banker is still around.For at least one more push above 80cts minimum,to be able to unload.The Euro and Swiss franc bet is breakeven.Was down 50 pics on early Monday morning to up 40 pics this morning.Stops still the same.This is my last trade for the year.I am fully loaded on this trade.If stopped out it will cut my profits back by half.

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    roro80 “Where can I find that cartoon where the cave man hits the cave woman over the head and drags her into his cave.”That never happened, of course, as men were too busy protecting women when we were in caves, according to GWW. I think the silliest part of the article is the faux evo-psych.

  63. says:

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